Sep 2014

EXHIBITIONS – Bochum, Dillingen, Wiesbaden – TRIANGLE

TRIANGLE EXPO INFO © jarek łukaszewicz

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three sides of one sound

by Jarek Łukaszewicz

Bochum, Saarland, Wiesbaden
8 Oct 2014 – 23 Nov 2014

18 Oct 2014 – 31 Oct 2014

02 Nov 2014 – 13 Nov 2014
Museum Pachten Dillingen

20 Nov 2014 – 23 Nov 2014
Polnischer Kultur Salon e.V.

Fotogalerie Lichtbild

Poster Design © Jorg Abel; Photography © Jarek Łukaszewicz
Triangle: three sides of one sound.
Three exhibitions of photography by Jarek Łukaszewicz

The planned exhibitions of photography by Polish artist Jarek Łukaszewicz present works from the "Triangle: Berlin-Łódź-Tel Aviv“ album, which is being created. The album comprises photographs from Israel, Poland and Germany together with stories written by inhabitants of Berlin, Lodz and Tel Aviv and other cities.

The aim of the publication is to show the three, actually inseparable, cultures. The photographs capture people immersed in their everyday life. Love, fashion, religion, play - simply our identity. "Triangle" gives us a sense of it.

The title of the album and the exhibition has a symbolic meaning - Berlin, Łódź and Tel Aviv form a big triangle while Lodz , with its multicultural history, is a small triangle, whose turbulent development was possible solely due to coexistence and cooperation of all its inhabitants: Jews, Germans and Poles.

The structure of the exhibition is also based on the concept of a triangle: intercultural and interdisciplinary presentation of photographs, music and literature.

The project presents the "Triangle" exhibition, containing 60 photographs (90x60 & 60x60 cm) by Jarek Lukaszewicz, a concert of klezmers from Amsterdam named "Klezmokum", Krieger&Telus Band from Poland and literary work by German writers Heide Rieck, Anja Liedtke and Joanna Manc.

The exhibition will be held in Bochum, Saarland and Wiesbaden 18 Oct 2014 – 23 Nov 2014.


Bochum 18.10.2014–31.10.2014
Location: Rottstr5 KUNSTHALLEN

18.10.2014 – 19.30: Vernissage with Jarek Łukaszewicz
26.10.2014 – 19.30: Concert: "Klezmokum" from Amsterdam
28.10.2014 – 19.30: Finissage – literary meeting with Heide Rieck & Anja Liedke

OSTWEST Verein für kulturellen Transfer e.V. & Rottstr5 KUNSTHALLEN

Saarland 02.11.2014–13.11.2014
Location: Museum Pachten Dillingen

02.11.2014 – 15.00: Vernissage with Jarek Łukaszewicz
13.11.2014 – 15.00: Finissage: Concert Krieger&Telus Band: "A ballad about Polish-Jewish poets"

Deutsch-Polnische Gesellschaft Saar e.V.
Stadt Dillingen /Saar

Wiesbaden 20.11.2014–23.11.2014
Locations: Polnischer Kultur Salon e.V. (PoKuSa) & Fotogalerie Lichtbild

20.11.2014 – 20.00: Vernissage with Jarek Łukaszewicz, music: Eberhard Emmel
21.11.2014 – 16.00-18.00: Special event – surprise
22.11.2014 – 16.00-18.00: Special event – surprise
23.11.2014 – 20.00: Literary-musical evening with Joanna Manc

Deutsch-Polnische Gesellschaft Mainz-Wiesbaden e.V.

This project is cofinanced from the funds for Polish Diaspora granted by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Poland

PARTNER: Consulate General of the Republic of Poland in Cologne
SUPPORTED BY: Department for Cooperation with Polish Diaspora
Generalkonsulat der RP in_Köln_DE

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